‘Problem No de Finish For Earth’ so do not hesitate if you get an opportunity to enjoy and that is exactly what some men did on the Tema Motorway today.

A video of men and women happily drinking their sorrows away from a fallen truck carrying beer has excited social media users.

The men did not care that the truck had an accident and the people driving or in the vehicle needed help, all they did was storm the accident scene to fill their bellies with beer.

They made merry as though it was a well organized party with friends and cronies.

A man busily drinking was approached by reporters and he was not shy to reveal that he had taken 25 bottles already and is not done for the day because his target is 100 bottles.

He added that such opportunities comes ones in a lifetime and he will make good use of it as he will be carrying more bottles home to continue the fun.

Watch the video below


By Adu

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